Monday, June 8, 2009

Chongqinghua (Chongqing Dialect)

So, I've been talking to a couple people I met online at (Chongqing based website for people who live there) and I've been wondering what exactly Chongqing dialect is... I got my answer. Basically, all the tones are different and some words are but they use the same patterns. For example, ni3 hao3 is hello in Mandarin Chinese but in Chongqinghua it is ni1 hao4. CQhua is spoken much faster, so much that the tones are almost all 4th. This will be fun! xDD

I also found out that CQhua doesn't have its own writing system so slowly the younger generation is making it sound more like Mandarin Chinese because everyone thinks it isn't really a language.

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Kraig McNutt said...

That is interesting.